A long time ago, lived an artist named William LaBelle.  William had, on occasion, spoke of past moments in his life with which he had experienced mysterious occurrences.  Some of these experiences had as well been witnessed by his son and his wife.

William's son tells a story of this.  "After experiencing these strange occurrences, my father then became very curious about the possibility of people who have died being able to, in some way, communicate with the living.  He set forth on inquiring from others and learning what he could about this mystery.  At some point in of his learning, someone had told him something interesting.  They said that those who wish to not see or experience such things will shut them out from happening and, in effect, close the doors to spiritual occurrences.  However, it is those who open their minds and welcome these mysteries who open the pathways to spiritual occurrences.  William then decided to open his mind and mentally welcome such occurrences.  This having been spawned by the earlier mysterious occurrences which he ahd already experienced.  One such experience, I will tell of in another story.

One early morning, in 1973, William had awoken and arose from bed.  The others in the family were still asleep as he got and made his way toward the kitchen.  Suddenly, he saw something strange.  My father later said that, at first, it was vague, but soon, the image became vivid.  It was of a person, who seemed to be a Marine, standing in the room with him.  The person turned his head to the left and then faded away.  William quickly grabbed a pencil and paper then sketched out and described what he had seen.  The image on this page is of that very drawing."

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His son tells more.  "After this experience, and having had others, my father became very perplexed with these mysteries.  He later said to me, 'As we live, we can not completely know about the mysteries of death, but, only when we ourselves have died, will we then know the answers we seek.  One day, I will die, and if there is then any way in which I can let you know that I am on another side of being... I will do all that I can to achieve this.'  My father, some years later, died of a heart attack.  However, instances of his contact have been as mysterious as those which he himself had experienced.  For it remains now even as it was then... a continuing mystery."