These small boxes are artistic creations to hold wonders both seen and unseen... trinkets of mystery, props of magic, and even dreams.

There can also be other mystical items sometimes found here, such as prints of mystical drawings, magical items, and other things.

Most of these treasures are created by Maurice Peroché, a wondrous admirer of mystery and collector of magic.  Mr. Peroché creates these little wooden boxes which are adorned with various images of mystery. 

The images are printed to high quality paper and decoupaged to the boxes which are then varnished and finished.  However, some of the boxed are also layered with ancient wood collected from age old houses which are allegedly haunted.  Stories and accounts of these structures can be found in the "stories" section.
To find details of the individual boxes, look into the "boxes" section, where you will find different boxes and their specifics.

Other items may also be found there.  If you have an individual request or question, please contact us through the contact section.

You may also read a tale of the history of these boxes and creations...