Many years ago, a young boy became enamored by mysteries of the unknown and the marvels of magic.  One day the boy's father gave him a small stone which had been found in a river and had been made smooth by the waters, but, unlike many others, was completely round in shape.  The boy considered it a Lucky Stone and saved it.

One day, while admiring the stone, the boy realized that, if the stone was so special, even magical, then it should have a magical box to keep it in.  So the boy made a special box to hold the stone, and once inside, the stone became even more magical.  The boy was Maurice Peroché and he came to understand that all magical things... even those things that can not be seen... thoughts, dreams, mysteries and the unknown, each need something magical to contain them.
  Maurice now creates these special boxes along with some other magical things.  The boxes are called "haunted" because they have elements of magic and mystery which have been carried on throughout the ages.  It is in of the past where all mysteries originate and that past is not gone, but carries on through our thoughts and dreams.

As well, some of the boxes employ the aged wood of houses which are centuries old.  Once was a time when they bustled with life, love, and joy... but all of this is now long gone.  Still... an energy remains.  The spirits of the past linger on and are forever captured within the houses.  It is this unknown energy which haunts the structure.  An energy which is magical and is embodied within the very aged wood.  Wood which now adorns many Mr. Peroché's boxes.