What makes a place to be considered haunted?
It isn't merely that tales of ghostly experiences have been told... it is when the life and love of that place has vanished and is gone, leaving nothing but haunting memories of what once was.  When a place is maintained or renewed, new life and energy replaces and replenishes it through the passing of time.  But, when a place is left to die with it's memories of yore, then the place has only the haunts of its past which slowly decays with it.  Even its memories fade until it is all forever gone.  Maurice Peroché seeks out and visits these mysterious lost places.  He then incorporates the inspiration and even at times, the very aged wood into his magical creations.

Below are some photographs taken by Peroché during a few travels.  You can relish in their mysterious feel even from the photos.
Click on the images for a larger view: